San Vicente, Antioquia, Colombia

NuSierra Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Cultivation & Processing Facility

In early 2018, Cordos began site development of NuSierra’s 14-acre cultivation site nestled high in the grazing hills outside San Vicente, Antioquia, Colombia. With moderate temperatures and an equatorial 12 hours of day and night year-round, Colombia provides a perfect climate to cultivate cannabis flower.

In February, Cordos began working with local engineers to shape the steep terrain, on a balanced cut and fill, into 5 usable acres of open-air greenhouses for mother, clone, veg, and flower; an irrigation reservoir; perimeter and through vehicular circulation; and new structures for on-site drying and curing, agri-storage, employee facilities, administration offices, and security systems. With site access restricted to treacherously narrow dirt roads, the difficult site grading was completed with small excavators and dozers over 15 months.