Chicago, Illinois

Franco Residence

This ultra-modern 4,500 square foot rowhome was constructed on Deming atop the subterranean parking structure serving Chicago’s 39-story Lincoln Park 2550 tower.

The 27 x 54 single family lots located on both Deming and St. James to the south, were originally conceived as traditionally themed brick townhomes, and arranged around a formally landscaped interior courtyard accessible from the back of each lot.  In contrast to their neighbors’ traditional designs, the owner demanded a design so modern, it would require a Planned Development amendment before drawings could be completed and construction could commence.

This initial delay resulted in a construction schedule that started in one of the coldest Januarys in Chicago history, with a must occupancy date in mid-August 2014 before the start of the school year. Cordos worked intensely with owner and architect during the design phase to ensure exterior envelope and structural systems selections would accommodate this aggressive schedule. Systems included pre-ordered plant-cast insulated precast panels, structural steel framing, and poured concrete floors.

Commenced at the beginning of February 2014, the exterior frame and envelope were completed within two weeks, allowing interior construction to start immediately. In contrast to adjacent lots, which started construction with traditional masonry and wood structures before Cordos mobilized on site, the Franco’s were able to complete furnishing and move-in by early August and calmly begin their children’s’ school year.